11/23/12 – Black Friday Zep Set

HSR is
Black Friday Zep Set
Friday, November 23, 2012
8:00pm - 21+ Buy Tickets

This is a venue that is to be announced.

Other Info
WCYY is throwing a Black Friday bash at The Asylum in tribute of one of the greatest bands in history, "Led Zeppelin". You can bet that Heart Shaped Rock will be there, we will be rockin' out a tune too. It will be a night of local bands doing a rendition of Zep's music and whenever these events occur, they are always a blast! More info to be released as soon as we know more. Stayed tuned to WCYY for up to date news and HERE because we Love you!

This will be a 21+ event, please be sure to have valid I.D. and/or designated driver.

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WHEN: Thanksgiving – Dec. 12 2012
WHAT: Free Song Download

Hey Heart Shaped Rockers… In celebration of the holidays, we will be giving away a song for a limited time. From Thanksgiving thru December 12 2012, you can download a FREE copy of “Happy Season”! WHY? You ask suprised, clutching you hands over your heart, eyes welling up with tears… because we Love you, that is why!


Directions: Click the above link to go to our ReverbNation page, at the top you will see our song list, “Happy Season” will be listed. Select download and follow the prompts to save it to your computer. (*NOTE: Download link will be available between 11/22/12 – 12/12/12)

About HAPPY SEASON: Mark Curdo (WCYY 94.3 DJ – Spinout) asked HSR to join the holiday show that WCYY was putting together. Local bands were asked to play their favorite holiday song or play one of their own. After some botched renditions of A Marshmallow World, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells and some other standards, we decided to try and write one of our own. 24 hours after being asked, we had a song written and recorded. Happy Season was born.

Thanks & Praise to Dancing Days! Portland, ME bands giving thanks to ‘Zep

We are especially psyched to be coming up to the holidays with all the cool local shows that are happenin’ in Portland. On Black Friday, Nov 23rd, local bands will be giving thanks and praise to the greatest rock band of all time… Led Zeppelin! All this craziness will of course be taking place at THE ASYLUM – 121 Center St. Portland. Tix on sale at Bull Moose Music or PortlandAsylum.com.

Show Detail: 21+, Please Have VALID I.D. + Designated Driver if needed. Taxis are always on stand-by downtown.

Bands: Dark Hollow Bottling Company, Clubber Lang, The Baltic Sea, Mother Leopard, Murcielago, Ryan Halliburton, Anna Lombard, Lit on the Flash, Samuel James, Station 85,  Wyerdfux, Scott Girouard Band, John Nels Blanchette and did we mention… Heart Shaped Rock! If you haven’t heard of us or any of these bands, tune into 94.3FM, 7 pm – 10 pm, every Sunday for “Spinout” with Mark Curdo. This is only the beginning of a slew of great upcoming rock shows that come alive when Maine gets cold. Click picture link below for detailed info and tix.


Augusta, Maine – 04/14/12 – Bridge Street Tavern – Maine\’s Xtreme Radio\’s 1st Anniversary Bash!

HSR is
Maine's Xtreme Radio's 1st Anniversary Bash!
Saturday, April 14, 2012
8:00pm - Please have valid I.D. - 21+
18 Bridge Street
Augusta, Maine, United States 04330

We have been providing music and entertainment to Central Maine for over 12 years. We are a locally owned Establishment and proud of it! We support local & live music at it's BeST

Other Info
Maine's Xtreme Radio is having a celebration for their 1st Anniversary. Joining the event are musical guests Heart Shaped Rock, alongside the Tattered Hearts Club. All information has been provided for directions and contact.

Maine's Xtreme Radio

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Portland, ME – 01/13/12 – The Big Easy – Friday the 13th at The Big Easy

HSR is
Friday the 13th at The Big Easy
Friday, January 13, 2012
8:00pm - Please have I.D., club does check patrons who look young. - 21+
55 Market St.
Portland, ME, USA 04101

Live music 7 days a week in the heart of Portland's Old Port.

Other Info
Heart Shaped Rock join Loki, the Hybrasilliance, The Hollow Glow and Better Than at the BIG EASY – 55 Market Street, Portland Maine. This show is 21+ and club does check patron I.D., so please have yours ready.

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